Rising food prices and household food security

  • Mieke Faber Medical Research Council
  • Scott Drimie Stellenbosch University


For many South Africans a healthy, balanced diet is elusive. Food security in both urban and rural South Africa is heavily dependent on cash incomes for household purchase of food for consumption,1 which, in a context of high unemployment, is largely reliant on social grants.2 This safety net does not reach all those eligible for such grants including those defined as “seriously hungry”.3 Rising food prices can exacerbate poverty, inequality and food insecurity when the poor are net food consumers (consume more than they produce),4 which is the case for the majority of South Africans.

Author Biographies

Mieke Faber, Medical Research Council
Chief Specialist Scientist Non-Communicable Diseases Research Unit South African Medical Research Council
Scott Drimie, Stellenbosch University
Extra-ordinary Associate Professor Nutrition Division Inter-Disciplinary Health Sciences Stellenbosch University
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Faber, M., & Drimie, S. (1). Rising food prices and household food security. South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 29(2), 53-54. Retrieved from http://sajcn.co.za/index.php/SAJCN/article/view/1133